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T. L. Cooper

A biography

T. L. Cooper grew up on a farm in Tollesboro, Kentucky. She wrote her first short story around age eight though she first started telling stories to save a groundhog that lived in her fatherís barn several years earlier. Encouraged by her Grandpa, she often entertained her grandparentsí guests with these stories. Weaving a story soon became the first love of her life and one that would last.

A desire to learn more about people and why they behave as they do led her to study Corrections and Juvenile Services as well as Psychology at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, Kentucky where she earned a bachelor of science.

She has lived in Kentucky, Ohio, Idaho and Oregon. She has worked as a youth counselor, registrar assistant, and temporary office worker among other positions. She chaired a writerís conference for two years.

Extensive travel within the United States as well as visits to Germany, England, Spain, France, Jordan, Abu Dhabi, and Dubai provided her with rich opportunities to learn about different cultures, beliefs, and people.

She published a novel, All She Ever Wanted, as well as four books of poetry, Love in Silhouette, Reflections in Silhouette, Memory in Silhouette, and Strength in Silhouette. Her articles, poetry, short stories, and essays have appeared online and in print. She writes two blogs, Write with TLC where she explores the interconnection of life and writing, and Reviews with TLC where reviews books, events, restaurants, etc.


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